Uno scorcio del Ristorante Orologio "Da Savino" , situato nel centro di Lugano, esattamente di fronte alla Pensilina per la Fermata Centrale dei Trasporti Pubblici di Lugano realizzata dal celebre architetto Mario Botta tra il 2000 e il 2002

Ristorante Orologio “Da Savino”

Over a century of tradition, excellence and freshness.

The Ristorante l’Orologio, which opens its doors in the heart of Lugano, welcomes its clients since 1907 with the same passion for the traditional cuisine of the past. Since 2011, on the sign of the historical meeting place for Lugano gourmands and fans of all ages, also appeared the name of Savino Angioletti, that today animates this place with the taste, class and experience of an internationally recognized and appreciated sommelier.

The restaurant, which for years represented the history of Lugano fine dining, today more than ever it confirms itself as a meeting place for wine lovers, gourmands looking for traditional dishes out of time, or fresh reinterpretations and new culinary influences.

“An experience” first of all, and not just culinary.

“A place for you and your friends where to spend some time to remember.”

Testimonial Savino Angioletti
Savino Angioletti
Founder and outstanding sommelier

Il celebre sommelier Savino Angioletti mentre osserva le sfumature di colore di un pregiato Bordeaux della sua cantina.



Calamari salad, fennel and oranges CHF 19.-
Salad, calamari rings, fennel and oranges
Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella CHF 22.-
Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella
Venison terrine CHF 19.-
Venison terrine with raisins and pine nuts, apple sauce and ginger
Broccoli flan CHF 15.-
Broccoli flan with fondue forum d'Ambert
Mixed salad CHF 10.- / CHF 6.-
Mixed salad with seasonal vegetables


Bundle of prawns CHF 22.-
Bundle of prawns with salad Treviso and sauce
Tortelli stuffed with pumpkin CHF 20.-
Tortelli stuffed with pumpkin and cheese from Val di Muggio, mousse Grana Padano
Potato dumplings and chestnuts CHF 19.-
Potato dumplings and chestnuts with porcini mushrooms and Valtellina Casera cheese
Homemade orecchiette pasta CHF 19.-
Homemade orecchiette pasta with wild boar sauce
Vegetarian lasagna CHF 18.-
Egg homemade pasta with seasonal vegetables, sauce and turmeric


Scallop coins CHF 36.-
Scallop coins, caponata pumpkin and raspberry sauce
Medallion monkfish CHF 30.-
Medallion monkfish wrapped in bacon and cream of leek
Sliced ​​beef CHF 37.-
Sliced ​​beef with fine herbs and scalogna braised in Merlot Savino
Venison chops CHF 37.-
Venison chops with lentils slightly mustard, mashed celeriac
Selection of cheeses with honey and marmalades CHF S.Q.
Selection of cheeses from Ticino, Italy and France, made with honey and homemade marmalades


Explosion of Sicilian cannolo CHF 12.-
Explosion of Sicilian cannolo
Crème brûlée scented with vanilla CHF 10.-
Crème brûlée scented with vanilla
Cream of Sicilian lemons CHF 8.-
Cream of Sicilian lemons
Apple puff pastry CHF 10.-
Golden apples puff pastry caramelized with vanilla ice cream
Chocolate cigar CHF 12.-
Chocolate cigar filled with extra dark chocolate and sweet tobacco ice-cream

``All our desserts are homemade with the same care of the past times.``

Testimonial Arianna Rezzonico
Arianna Rezzonico
Room attendant



12.00noon – 3.30pm | 7.00pm – 10.30pm

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